Promotion Requirments

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Promotion Requirments

Post by DucKy on Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:06 am

Promotion Times
Moderator - 1 Day
Admin - 2 Days
Superadmin - 1 Week


1. Cannot have over 3 active warning's
2. Must answer in paragraphs.
3. Trialmods cannot apply for admin+!
4. Must be trusted by other admins/mods

5. You must answer in full paragraphs
6. Asking for staff will make you significantly less likely to get staff.
7. Do not whine if you're not accepted.
8. If denied, you may apply again in a 4 days.
9. Don't post on your own application.

You must get at least more +1 than -1. Admins, please give a brief explanation as to why you think they deserve it, rather than just a +1 - Sleepy



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